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Some responses circulating in Windows users that Windows 10 Enterprise is the most expensive version of Windows with the most complete features and even the best among all versions of Windows 10. Not infrequently ultimately home users such as students or students choose to use Windows 10 Enterprise because it is considered the highest caste of all version of Windows. Yet it is not entirely true.

Differences Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro

Actually Windows 10 Enterprise is made with the main target for the middle to large business. So the extra features in Windows 10 Enterprise are tailored for both business and enterprise purposes, not for home use. Indeed, all the features in Windows 10 Pro are in Windows 10 Enterprise, but if you are a home user, then these extra features will not be of much use for everyday activities.

For example, DirectAccess feature that allows remote users to access internal network through a system such as VPN which instantly allows two-way access so connected to the internet. Or AppLocker feature that allows administrators to restrict access to certain apps on other devices. Or BranchCache feature that will cache the contents of web and server so that it can be accessed more quickly in low-speed WAN. These features are needed by the enterprise, but certainly not very useful for home users who use their PC / laptop for everyday purposes.

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So for home users, additional unused enterprise features will only meet and burden the PC resource alone.

Another consideration is the treatment of Microsoft against Windows 10 Enterprise is different from the version of Windows 10 for consumers, such as Windows 10 Pro. As you know that Windows 10 is now updated more frequently, up to 2 major updates in a year. If you are a consumer, then using Windows 10 Enterprise will make you late to get major updates and new features. This is because the new update will be released to Enterprise once it is fully mature and ready to be used in business class, which of course releases much longer than major updates for consumers. This is different from Windows 10 Pro, which will get major updates and new features in accordance with the release schedule of updates for consumers.

Full details of the differences between Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro below.

Features Windows 10 Pro Enterprise E3 Enterprise E5
Windows Ink Yes Yes Yes
Start Menu dan Live Tiles Yes Yes Yes
Tablet Mode Yes Yes Yes
Voice, pen, touch, dan gesture Yes Yes Yes
Cortana Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge Yes Yes Yes
Paint 3D Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Yes Yes Yes
Azure Active Directory Join Yes Yes Yes
Domain Join Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Application Management (MAM) Yes Yes Yes
Shared PC mode Yes Yes Yes
Windows Store for Business Yes Yes Yes
Managed User Experience Yes Yes Yes
Windows Hello Management Yes Yes Yes
Kiosk Mode Yes Yes Yes
Manage Windows Store Access No Yes Yes
Manage Consumer Experience No Yes Yes
Cortana Management No Yes Yes
Microsoft Dynamic Management No Yes Yes
App Locker No Yes Yes
Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) No Yes Yes
Micrsoft User Environment Virtualization (UE-V) No Yes Yes
Conditional Access Yes Yes Yes
Windows Hello Yes Yes Yes
BitLocker dan BitLocker to Go Yes Yes Yes
Windows Information Protection Yes Yes Yes
Direct Access No Yes Yes
Device Guard No Yes Yes
Credential Guard No Yes Yes
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection No No Yes
Windows Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Windows Update for Business Yes Yes Yes
Remote Desktop Yes Yes Yes
Windows to Go No Yes Yes
BranchCache No Yes Yes
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack No Yes Yes

So, Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Pro?

To get the benefits and performance of the PC optimally and efficiently, the best way is to adjust the version of Windows 10 you want to use with the needs you need. If you are a mid-size business / enterprise, and require an operating system with extra features and security for Enterprise, then use Windows 10 Enterprise.

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But if you are a home user such as a student, student, or even an office worker who uses a PC for personal use, then just use Windows 10 Pro or another version of Windows for the consumer. Besides being more efficient, you will also get major feature updates and major updates along with their release schedule. No need to wait long to be able to enjoy the latest Windows 10 update feature which is now released 2x in a year.

Overall Windows 10 Enterprise does have the most complete feature among the versions of Windows 10 for other consumers, but the most complete does not mean the best. So now make sure you adjust the OS selection with your daily usage.

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