By | September 7, 2018

Open Windows 10 Disk Management Tool to create and format hard disk partitions. Then you can use Disk Management to reduce and expand the size of partitions, change drive letters on partitions, specify drive letters on partitions, create, attach, and detach VHD (virtual hard disks). Accessing Disk Management on Windows 10 is easy. You can launch Disk Management via the Start menu or desktop.

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OK, let’s follow methods Open Windows 10 Disk Management Tool below.

Method 1

This method is the easiest method to run Disk Management from the desktop. When on the desktop, press Windows key + X, then click the Disk Management to open it. Or you can right click on on Start then click Disk Management.

Method 2

Press Windows key + R > Diskmgmt.msc > OK.

Method 3

  • Open Control Panel, press Windows key + R > control > OK.
  • Click System and Security.
  • On Administrative Tools, click Create and format hard disk partitions.

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