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Windows 10 1903 (19H1) April 2019 Update will release date in April/May. Can’t wait to Download & Update Windows 10 version 1903?

Please wait, in this time i will show you some features and improvements Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1) by Microsoft.

Windows 10 1903 (19H1) Download UpdateWindows 10 Build 1903 19H1 allows users to view how much storage space is reserved in Windows 10 19H1 and later versions so that they know how much disk space is put aside for reserved storage space.

Quick access: Download Windows 10 ISO 1903 32 bit / 64 bit

Windows 10 1903 (19H1) Features:

  • Start layout
    Microsoft is introducing a simplified default Start layout for new devices, new user accounts, and clean installs. The new layout has been simplified into a sleek one column design with reduced top-level tiles. So commercial and education customers will also see a simplified layout tailored to these scenarios.
  • Start menu
    Quick unpin for groups and folder. Sometimes you just wanna quickly start fresh over the last few weeks and now you can ability to unpin groups and folders in Start via a new context menu entry.
  • File Explorer
    Updated File Explorer Icon so it looks better with the new light theme.
  • Windows Light Theme
    Previously, you can choose between light and dark in Windows 10. Now, if you choose Light under Settings > Personalization > Colors, all system UI will now be light includes the taskbar, Start menu, Action Center, touch keyboard and more.
  • Search Indexer
    Microsoft created a new feature that enables Windows to search all your folders and drives include search to your documents, pictures, videos, and desktop by default. To turn it on, search for Windows settings > Cortana, and in the Searching Windows, under “Find My Files”, then select Enhanced to begin the one-time indexing process.
  • Uninstall additional inbox apps
    Windows 10 19H1 adding the ability to uninstall the following (preinstalled) Windows 10 inbox apps via the context menu on the Start menu like 3D Viewer (previously called Mixed Reality Viewer), Calculator, Calendar, Groove Music, Mail, Movies & TV, Paint 3D, Snip & Sketch, Sticky Notes & Voice Recorder.
  • Windows 10 Setup Update
    Microsoft making some adjustments to the design of Windows 10 Setup.This is the experience you see when running setup.exe from an ISO.
  • Windows Update Notifications
    On Windows 10 1903 19H1, when your device has an update requiring a reboot (including new builds we release), you will see the Power button in the Start menu with orange indicator alerting you to restart your device.
  • Game bar updates
    You can view screenshots and videos taken through Game bar and even share your favorite screenshots directly to Twitter.
  • Notepad
    UTF-8 Encoding: Microsoft made significant improvements to the way Notepad handles encoding. Adding the option to save files in UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark and making this the default for new files. UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark is backwards-compatible with ASCII and will provide better interoperability with the web, where UTF-8 has become the default encoding. Additionally, a column to the status bar that displays the encoding of the document.
  • Windows Snip
    You can start your snip via your preferred entry point (WIN + Shift + S, Print Screen (if you’ve enabled it), directly from within Snip & Sketch, etc.), and select the window snip option at the top, and snip away. That selection will be remembered the next time you start a snip.
  • Windows Security Microsoft Edge
    The insiders will notice that Isolated browsing has an additional toggle that lets users manage access to their camera and microphone while browsing using Application Guard for Microsoft Edge. If this is managed by enterprise admins, users can check how this setting is configured. For this to be turned on in Application Guard for Microsoft Edge, the camera and microphone setting must already be turned on for the device in Settings > Privacy > Microphone & Settings > Privacy > Camera.

OK, Windows 10 version 1903 April 2019 Update (19H1) more impressive? Go to here to Download Windows 10 ISO 1903 32 bit / 64 bit

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