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How to Use Cortana with Surface Headphones can to play music, make calls & more? You need to know, Cortana isn’t available on Surface Headphones in all countries and regions, and the experience may vary by country/region. So if Cortana isn’t available on your headphones in your area, you won’t be able to control them using your voice, but you can still use the touch gestures. See: Why isn’t Cortana Available on my Windows 10 PC

Using Cortana with Surface Headphones need to be connected to your Cortana-enabled Windows 10 PC, iOS device, or Android device, and you’ll need to set them up with Cortana on that device. Learn more info about setting: How to Setup Surface Headphones with Cortana

So if you connect your headphones to a device that doesn’t have Cortana turned on, Cortana won’t be available.

Use Cortana with Surface Headphones

  • Tap and hold the touchpad on either ear until you hear a beep.
  • Say “Hey Cortana” and listen for a beep.

Here are some things you can do with Cortana on your Surface Headphones:

Listen to music

To Say
Play or pause music “… play rock music.”
Skip to the next track “… next track.”
Go back to the previous track “… previous track.”
Play music by a certain artist “… play [artist’s name] on [music service name].”
Increase the volume “… turn up the volume.”
Decrease the volume “… turn down the volume.”

Make calls and send texts

To Say
Call a contact “… call [name].”
Text someone “…text [name],” then say what you want to include your text message.

Get productive

To Say
Check your calendar “… what’s on my calendar today?”
Check for new email “… do I have any new emails?”
Join a Skype or Teams meeting “… join my next meeting.”
Email a contact “… email [name].”

After that, give it a subject, say what you want in the message, and then send it.

Set a reminder “… remind me to call [name]”
Set a timer “… set a timer for [amount of time]”

Find answers

To Say
Check traffic “… how long will it take to drive to work?”
Get the weather forecast “… what’s the weather like tomorrow?”
Get sports scores “… what was the score for the [team name] game?”

(Not all leagues are supported and experience may vary by country/region.)

Note: To control music, the music service you use must work with Cortana and Surface Headphones. Not all music services are supported.

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