By | May 13, 2017

You need to know, Microsoft has announced the latest update Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with it some surprises including iTunes on the Windows Store. Why called the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? because it is the Microsoft’s new twice yearly update strategy to try to keep the operating system fresh and exciting.

New Features of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:

  1. View 3D
    A View 3D app destined for the OS lets you use any device with a webcam to merge digital objects with the real world. So when paired with Microsoft’s Paint 3D app and the Remix 3D service, this could wind up being fun indeed.
  2. Fluent Design
    Microsoft’s implementing a new design language to create a universal aesthetic across its ecosystem. “Fluent Design,” isn’t a major overhaul of Windows 10’s look, focusing more on subtle touches like window transparency and blur effects to make it feel like Windows is holistically intertwined and moving around while you use it.
  3. Cloud clipboard
    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update adds a cloud-powered clipboard that lets you copy information on one Windows 10 device and paste it on another. It won’t be limited to text alone, either. Making the utility even more useful, it also carries over to Android and iOS if you use Microsoft’s SwiftKey virtual keyboard. The cloud keyboard functionality’s also being baked into Microsoft’s Office apps in the future.
  4. OneDrive Files on Demand
    The feature makes all of your OneDrive-stored files visible and accessible from Windows 10’s file system even the ones that are only stored in the cloud.
  5. Pick up where you left off
    The closely related “pick up where you left off” feature helps your work travel with you across devices, including iOS and Android devices in supported apps. When you stop working on one device and pick up another, Cortana will pop up a notification offering to plop you back exactly where you were, thanks to the power of the cloud. So you’ll need to install Microsoft’s Cortana app for the feature to work on non-Windows devices.
  6. Timeline
    Timeline surfaces a record of all your activity in supported apps in reverse chronological order. Need to pick up where you left off, even if you were working on another device.
  7. Story Remix
    This feature is an “evolution of the Photos app” that leans on machine learning and mixed reality to automatically create kick-ass highlight reels of your pictures and videos, complete with editable soundtracks and the ability to pull in 3D objects and animations from Microsoft’s Remix 3D database. See also: How to Get the New Windows 10 Creators Update

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