By | January 25, 2017

You can still get no cost upgrade to Windows 10 by turning to a page for people who use assistive technologies. First from your Windows 7 or 8.1 device, go to the webpage entitled “Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies“. Then click on the UPGRADE NOW button to run the executable file to install the upgrade.

After this, Microsoft will displays a series of screens that take you step by step through the setup process. So you can follow the screens until Windows 10 is complete installed into your device.

how to still get Windows 10 for freeOnce the upgrade is complete, your PC will be running Windows 10 and will have a “digital license” that lets you reinstall Windows 10 at any point in the future.

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Note: Please before you upgrade, please check with your assistive technology provider. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has taken a number of steps to improve the accessibility of Windows 10. To learn more, read our blog that details some of these improvements.

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