By | May 17, 2017

Are Mac & Linux safe from Ransomware WannaCry?

Some days we hear about Ransomware Malware that attack many computers around the world. Ransomware is more popular with the name WannaCry is attacking various computers in various important institutions such as hospitals and offices.

It is known that the computer infected with Ransomware WannaCry is a computer that uses Windows operating system. See: Version of Windows Affected by Malware Ransomware WannaCry

Then what about other computers or laptops like Linux and OS X / macOS latest? Can Mac and Linux get Ransomware WannaCry as well?

You need to know, that viruses and also various other nasty malware is nothing more than a computer program. Of course a program will only run in a certain environment in order to run. The easiest examples are iOS and Android apps. You will never be able to install Android app to iPhone and iPad also you can not install iOS app to Android.

This is because both programs are designed to run on different operating systems. So if you see the same app or game in the App Store and Play Store, it’s actually two different apps or games versions. One version of Android and one more iOS version.

Also with viruses and malware like Ransomware WannaCry this. If the malware creator creates a virus or malware running on an operating system, such as Windows, then the malicious program can only infect Windows only. If the malware authors want Ransomware WannaCry to infect Linux and Mac, then it should create a ransomware variant that can run on Mac and Linux, but certainly must find exploits in both OS.

So, Are Mac & Linux safe from Ransomware WannaCry?

The booming version of WannaCry Ransomware just runs on Windows and takes advantage of Windows exploits. The malware will not be able to infect Linux and Mac, not because Linux and Mac are immune to malware, but because Linux and Mac are not the target of this WannaCry. Microsoft itself has confirmed that this WannaCry code is created to target Windows 7 OS down which is not updated by the MS17-101 patch.

See: How to anticipate the threat of Malware Ransomware Wannacry

So for now, Mac and Linux are safe from WannaCry because this ransomware only runs on Windows. But of course we still have to be careful yes because basically there is no operating system immune to malware. So make sure not guard and keep your macOS update routine.

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