Windows 10 Mobile Text Tone

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How do I change Windows 10 Mobile Text Tone

To change notification Windows 10 Mobile Text Tone, please follow this:

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  • Going into Settings
  • System
  • Notifications & Actions
  • Messaging
  • Notification Sound

If Windows 10 Mobile individual Text Tone not playing, You have to reset the global sound to the default sound.

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One thought on “Windows 10 Mobile Text Tone

  1. emmo Post author

    1. on a PC right click mp3 file select “properties” select details tab at top, set genre as “ringtone”
    2. move file to phone storage under “ringtones” folder
    3. In Settings/Personalization/Sounds/Ringtone the file name is now in the list of ringtones

    Note: it does not appear under “custom” for me its just in the list


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