By | June 27, 2017

In this article I will share How to Customize Folder / File Color in Windows 10 very easily and without overloading system. Why? Because there are many benefits that you can get by changing the color of the folder. For example you can mark an important folder in red or if it is a working folder, you can mark it in green for the finished work done. There are still many other uses that you can get by coloring folders, and the same is true for coloring files in Windows 10.

Steps How to Customize Folder / File Color in Windows 10:

  1. Download Folder Marker & File Marker.
  2. Install in your PC/Windows.
  3. To change the color of the folder, you just right click the folder > Mark Folder > color > select the desired color.

Not only can change the color of folders, you can also provide some statuses like High Priority, Normal Priority, etc. The same thing you can do to the file icon. Just right click the file you want > Mark File > select the color or status sign you want.

Note: To restore folder / file as before, you just select Restore defaults option.That’s How to Customize Folder / File Color in Windows 10. Actually what this software does is to change the icon only in accordance with the color configuration or status you set. So you do not have to worry, because this way does not burden the system performance at all.

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